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Motivational Speaker

Hunting high and low for the just the right high-energy motivational speaker who will engage your audience and help create an unforgettable experience at your next sales meeting or corporate event?

Former Marine and Special, Andrew D. Wittman, Ph.D. went from the overweight target of bullies in school to leading Marines in combat and personally protecting some of the most powerful people in America. He then became a lead subject matter expert for the U.S. State Department, training Navy SEALS, Marines, Rangers and Special Forces in high-threat diplomatic security and running missions in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Kosovo. A favorite of both meeting planners and audiences, his infectious energy and practical message has been featured on Fox News, CBS, Fast Company, Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, both Inc. and Time Magazines. He is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and the HuffPost, as well as the author of the book Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You.

Motivational Speaker


How do you decide which motivational speaker is right for your audience? And how do you know which speaker will give you the very best value for your investment? Look for a speaker who has a consistent track record of success and who has a solid mix of business takeaways, energy, infectious humor, and genuine inspiration. Andrew will motivate each member of your team to defeat the negative effects of stress, create clarity, crush self-limiting beliefs, and THRIVE!

Andrew programs are game-changers! His message will transform the mindset of each member of your organization, making an enduring impact on its morale, cohesion, and productivity. If you are looking for an inspirational, motivational keynote speaker that will change-the-game at your next meeting, call Andrew at 1-864-977-1443 to discuss your needs and obtain a presentation folder and demo video.


Andrew will inspire your audience to improve performance in highly competitive and constantly changing business environments. They will learn strategies for success such as:

  • Skills to take control of their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes
  • Capacity to move from merely surviving to thriving
  • Ability to defeat the negative effects of stress
  • Increase focus, cutting through all the digital-noise and gaining clarity
  • Capability to communicate effectively and clearly.


In today’s explosive environment of disruptive technologies, organizations are finding it more difficult to adapt to escalating costs, shrinking margins, and increased operational tempos and competition. Teamwork, accountability, and engagement continue to diminish, leaving employees frustrated, anxious and on the verge of burnout. All leading to dwindling revenues, morale, and performance. Andrew offers resilience, leadership and motivational strategies that will enable you and your organization to thrive and win in this unforgiving climate. He will also teach each individual to become a “First Responder” instead of an emotional “Reactor” when faced with pressure situations – moving the success needle both internally with their co-workers, and externally with their partners, vendors, and customers.