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Executive Coaching with Andrew Wittman

Are You Living Life on All 8-Cylinders?

Do you want a high-powered, high-performance, and balanced life? One that can smoothly handle the curves, pot-holes and road hazards circumstances beyond your control often throw in your path?

End the exhaustion and frustration. Your persistence has paid off. You have found the solution you’ve been searching for with Andrew D. Wittman, Ph.D.

Accelerate your leadership performance and easily navigate your personal and professional barriers.

It’s time for your tune-up.

Every executive has a high-octane V-8 engine. The performance problems start mounting up when your engine stops running on all 8-cylinders. Sputtering through life on two or three cylinders severely diminishes your horse-power and ability to handle whatever is thrown in your path.

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Balance is the ultimate performance enhancer in business and life. However, we can’t achieve and maintain that balance to our fullest potential on our own. As human beings, we have partial insights, perspectives, and skills. And we have fears, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs.

We all have blind spots, and they throw off our balance. And like any vehicle, the longer it is driven out of alignment and on misfiring cylinders, the worse it runs and shakes, the more damage it takes.


To achieve balance, greatness, and go beyond where you are today, sometimes you need a coach to push you and to give you the courage to make the necessary course corrections. Someone to give you an insight into the cellular cause of the misfiring you may not have been able to spot on your own. Someone not just to encourage you, but to be completely real with you, and most importantly, to help you become completely real and honest with yourself.

As an executive coach, my target is to get shoulder-to-shoulder with leaders like you, until they achieve their greatest potential.

I’m passionate about this mission because I love helping people realize their own success, fulfillment, and happiness, and to see them create a future of purpose that makes a difference for themselves and with everyone they interact.

If you are willing and eager to tune-up your engine and make an impact on those you lead – your co-workers, clients, partners, and family – then let me be your mental toughness coach. I’ll help you tune-up all 8-Cylinders and dial into all that dormant high-octane horse-power.

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