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Miscommunication is a leading contributor to employee frustration, disengagement, and tension

Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace study shows that 87% of employees, across every industry, has identified communication as a major challenge in their organization. Employees and leaders alike must clarify their own thoughts and expectations prior to expressing them.

What problems are created by miscommunication? How are team-dynamics affected by emotional reactions versus logical, well-reasoned responses? What about those emails that had a tone? Ever delegate something only to have it fall through the cracks?

Andrew Wittman
CEO of You

Clear and Present Communication

Clear and Present Communication is the definitive communication training workshop that blends leading-edge research from cognitive neuroscience with the latest empirical data from the psychology of persuasion, laying out a clear, simple pathway through the wastelands of miscommunication.

During Clear and Present Communication, participants will learn:

  • How the brain processes incoming messages and how to leverage that knowledge
  • The art and science of listening skills
  • How to identify and neutralize intrinsic biases
  • The various communication styles and how to identify them
  • How to utilize various the various styles to communicate effectively with anyone
  • How to move others from resistance to harmony, and compliance with commitment
  • The causes of conflicts and how to defuse and resolve them
  • Deftly handle insults, complaints, and provocations


Clear and Present Communication will have a tremendous impact on your bottom line! Imagine how vital clear and present communication is to elite special operations teams operating in high-threat environments. Andrew and the Mental Toughness Training Center faculty have based this transformative course on the exact same techniques used in the field and fused them with the latest cutting-edge research in neuroscience and psychology. This workshop walks your employees, managers, and executives down the path to become effective communicators and radically impact the entire organization.

This trailblazing course will transform how each member of your organization approaches communication, positively impacting morale, cohesion, and productivity. If you are looking for proven, effective training that will change-the-game, call Andrew at 1-864-977-1443 to discuss how improving communication will improve your bottom line.