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Cellular Problem Solving

Andrew believes when you get to the cellular core of the problem, you can with his help solve any problem BEFORE it appears. Together you can create a permanent remedy.

Warrior Tough

Persistence and unrelenting determination to see things through, Andrew will NOT back down when it comes to helping you, your team and your business. Andrew is the Warrior that will never leave you in a fight and who you want in your corner!

Hard Science Made Simple

In order to create REAL transformation, you have got to get real. With Andrew, what you see is what you get! Andrew is 100% focused on helping you make real and lasting changes at the cellular level.

How Close Is Your Business To Becoming The Greatest Ever?



Andrew is MUCH more than a Combat Veteran who has personally protected top government and international statesmen, he is an EXTREMELY successful Keynote Motivational Speaker. Andrew is an Agent of Change, redefining Leadership and Mental Toughness for Leaders, Corporate Executives and Elite Athletes

Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying ...
  • “Andrew, first let me start and let you know how excellent the class was that you gave yesterday. I have been here since 1987 and I just want to let you know that was THE BEST class that I have attended since coming to work here. I am sure that you will be asked to return to give another class because of the talk around here – the information that you gave us was so powerful. I have only been back at work for three hours and I’ve already been approached by three different people wanting to know what type of information that you gave us. I told everybody that they would have to attend one of your classes but I’m sure the next class that you give you will have to have a larger training room. You have a lot of people fired up from the presentation yesterday. Once again thank you very much for coming and I enjoyed the class immensely”
    Michael Carpenter
    Field Engineer Sr.
  • Not sure where to start in describing what the GWT process has meant to me. This is not just a seminar! This process has the potential to change your life and move you closer to what you want to be. You will learn how to deploy mental toughness tools to your advantage in any situation. And if you really want to get the most out of your God-given potential join The Phalanx. The 12 weeks were transformational! We were all born for a purpose and the GWT process will help you figure out what that is and put you on a course to live out that purpose. Thank you, Andrew!
    John Benson
    Quality Manager
  • Andrew, I wanted to let you know again how much I appreciate your presentation at our luncheon. Judging by the response from our attendees it was a great success.
    JR., Attorney at Law
  • Hi Andrew! Thank you for making the AAHAM ANI a great success! I have heard nothing but great things about your presentation.
    Danielle M. Burns
    Manager of Meetings & Events
  • Andrew, I am truly grateful for your presence. Your perspective will always carry with our young men. I know God will continue to bless you abundantly.
    Jeff Davis
    Asst. Athletic Director
  • Andrew, thank you so much for joining us – your energy and humor were just what we needed to close out the conference!!
    Sara Frank
    CMP, Director of Events & Communication
  • Andrew Wittman is the real deal. He has built the Get Warrior Tough program based on nearly 30 years of hard won experience across the globe. A disciplined, enthusiastic coach and trainer, his passion for his subject matter is only exceeded by his mastery of it. He will not disappoint. Recommended with enthusiasm.
    Lt. Col. John E. Folchetti
    USMC (Ret), CEO
  • "Dr. Wittman was able to impact and even change lives during the two-day presentation. Staff members that suffer from low morale, not only from a work perspective, but in life, have been rejuvenated and inspired to find the best within themselves and to bring that to light. Even months after the presentation, the effect of Dr. Wittman’s information, presence and motivation remains. Not a week passes in which a staff member does not make a reference to a keyword or statement from the presentation… I strongly recommend that any organization consider Dr. Andrew D. Wittman as a speaker and presenter. He can impact change and position your organization to be the best it can be."
    Gregory Cain
    Chief of Staff
  • “I took a class from Andrew Wittman, and the class was exceptional and insightful. I highly recommend his classes given if you are working to foster a culture of collaboration for your company.”
    Ken Speller
    Software Quality Leader
  • "What Andrew has to offer through the CEO of You program is a pivotal part of everyday life. Although I came to the program as a college football player looking to sharpen my mental state, CEO of You is a program that will fit any person no matter their occupation. If you want learn how to train your mind to think as the world-class do then I highly recommend this program. If you want to maintain mediocrity then I do not recommend this program for you as it will challenge every part of you as a person and therefore weed out the mediocrity in you".
    Travis Blanks
    Asst. Director of Block-C
  • "When I attended Andrew’s CEO of You presentation, I was struggling with some big career decisions. Andrew guided me through a self-introspection process designed to teach me the art of thinking critically. During this process, I learned how to use and deploy a set of Mental Toughness tools which help me effectively manage my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. As a result... I was able to confidently clarify my vision and goals successfully."
    Tiffany Keller
    MHRD, PMP, Human Resource Business Partner
  • “I attended the CEO of You presentation at a very tough time in my life. What it gave me the ability to do was identify who I am and who I want to be… I now know how to identify, think about, and process any and all things that may come my way… The biggest take away I have had from the experience is a sense of urgency… Just 6 weeks into this year I have already completely accomplished one of my yearly results metrics, and have another more than 30% complete. That puts me significantly ahead of my peers.”
    Chris LeCroy
    CRPC – Vice President, Associate Resident Director

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