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Ground Zero Leadership Total Package



Ground zero for every leader is self-mastery. Leaders must first learn to influence themselves before effectively influencing others and fostering a mutually beneficial atmosphere of trust and respect. We will teach you how to have an internal identity that calms the storms of life and how to take control of your thoughts, feelings and attitudes, especially under pressure.

Upon a strong foundation of character and integrity you will add critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and communication skills that will take your leadership to the next level. You will find these skills also reduce the negative effects of stress in your life, help you communicate more effectively, and deal with difficult people, all while building stronger working relationships that lead to higher performance for you and your organization.


Experience the leadership & mental toughness program of our large clients. The Ground Zero Leadership Total Package is a digital download (both audio & course materials) of our game-changing CEO of You Seminar coupled with our 12-week coaching and mental conditioning follow-up program, The Phalanx.

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