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February 12, 2017
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7 Mental Toughness Tips From a Former Navy SEAL Trainer

​If there's one thing an entrepreneur must master, it's the art of resiliency. These tips from a former special agent will help you raise the bar on your mental toughness.
By Marla Tabaka

This former special agent has protected members of Congress, governors, heads of state, and celebrities. He's tough and resilient, but it hasn't always been that way.

"Growing up I was easy prey. I was the fat kid and cry-baby who attracted the attention of bullies, before whom I would always cower," recalls Andrew Wittman. But the kid who cowered taught himself to bounce back and be strong. So much so that grew into an adult who one day would be contracted by the State Department to train Navy SEALS and other special forces for high-threat diplomatic security assignments.

"Resiliency allows you to bounce back from failure and face pain, challenges, and even temptation, head-on without drawing back," says Wittman. "It's a skill that can be used in your work life, in your love life, in friendships, and for raising your kids."

As an entrepreneur, resiliency and mental toughness are a critical ingredient to success success. If you don't think of yourself as tough, you may be able to shift your perspective today. Wittman sees resiliency as a skill, not a personality trait, one that anyone can attain--yes, even you.